Speak with animal characters using the power of AI!

Speak2Pets is an AI-powered chatbot that lets you speak to a variety of silly animal characters! Have full conversations with an animal that has extended memory, and will always be up for a fun time! Talk to any of the preconfigured characters or try adding your own pets with the "Custom Pets" feature. Just fill out a quick form, upload your pet's best photo, and you will be able to finally understand what your pet has always been saying!

Strategy Tower Defense Game

Protect your garden from an army of gnomes in this original tower defense game! Use a variety of dogs to fight back against the invading gnomes and protect your shed from the hordes of enemies. Play in a variety of worlds, with unique characters in each realm! Use your cannon to launch dogs as projectiles and strategize the placement of slime and bombs to help protect your shed. Play in either a campaign mode or an endless game mode, each with a unique experience in this tower defense strategy game.

Explosive 3D Shooter

C133 is an explosively fast-paced shooter to be released for free in late 2023. It is accessible and easy to pick up despite your gaming experience! Play against your friends in game modes like Capture the Flag, or Team Deathmatch!