Matthew Woodcock


Matthew Woodcock is the founder and CEO of Lettuce Studios. In 2020, he learned how to develop games using the Unity game engine and has expanded those skills to develop for various platforms and by various means.

Rahul Hedge

Head of Programming

Rahul Hedge is an excellent programmer, who leads all networking and systems implementation! He is efficient, and knowledgeable regarding Unity and C#.

Jherico Tolentino

Head of Art

Jherico is an extremely skilled graphic designer, who consistently produces 3D models of the highest quality. He is incredibly skilled with Blender, and has produced most of the 3D models for Caesium-133!

Mikela Gassert

Head of Marketing

Mikela Gassert is an excellent and knowledgeable leader who works with 3D modeling, sound design, and marketing! Her wisdom has guided Lettuce Studios since its birth, and her talents are needed every day!