An AI Chat Bot for Animals??

We recently published the worlds first animal translator, but its powered by AI!

Matthew Woodcock

7/3/20231 min read

Recently I published Speak2Pets in the App Store and Play Store! This is an app that I have been working on for quite some time, and it is the first entertainment app I have ever published! For anyone interested in the development method, I have been working on some documentation on how anyone can create a chat app for free with tools like Flutter Flow, ChatGPT API, and Firebase! This has been a lot of fun to work on, and has not come without its fair share of difficulties, however, I am incredibly proud of the final product and what it's capable of doing.

Firstly, the variety of pre-configured characters was only possible thanks to the help of my friends and family who provided me with countless goofy animal ideas like an interior designer flamingo, creepy penguin, or schizophrenic bunny. These ideas are why the app is so addictive to interact with, and I am incredibly blessed to have such a creative group of people working with me. Additionally, the ability to create custom pets will allow for thousands of possible unique experiences, where users can talk to their own pets!

Now that the app is published, however, I need to begin a marketing campaign involving animals communicating using AI. This will be an incredibly fun time, and I can't wait to slowly start releasing the promotional material for this app.

Again, for anyone interested in the development process, I am working on a Confluence Page for a detailed explanation of how people can create their own AI chatbot in just a few hours! Thanks so much, until next time!